Industrial lubricants


Industrial lubricants

Circulating Oil 46, 68, 100, 150, 220
Circulating Oils are formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils chemically stable with high Viscosity Index and chemical additives including oxidation, wear, rust inhibitors and good demulsification properties.

Hydraulic Oil H 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
Blended from high quality, stable, solvent refined base oils and incorporating a balanced additive system which includes anti-wear and oxidation inhibitors. Utilization of Hydraulic Oils will provide excellent wear protection in hydraulic and circulation systems and good air release properties.

Hydraulic HP 32, 46, 68, 100
Premium quality hydraulic oils of high viscosity index. They are blended from high quality base oils incorporated with special additives that impart superior viscosity/temperature characteristics, anti-wear and oxidation inhibitors. They also will provide excellent wear protection in hydraulic and circulation system and good air release properties and they remain suitable for widely varying ambient temperatures.

Industrial Gear Oil EP 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680
A lead free premium quality, heavy duty industrial gear lubricant formulated for enclosed gear sets operating under severe conditions. Industrial Gear Oil EP is formulated from high quality, high VI base oils selected for its oxidation stability and water separating characteristics. Additives are incorporated which provide extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, rust and corrosion protection, increased oxidation stability, improved resistance to foam and excellent high load performance characteristics.

GII Turbine Oil 32, 46, 68, 77, 100
A premium quality, highly refined Group II base having good characteristics, which is further enhanced by the addition of oxidation inhibitors together with specially selected additives that gives effective deposit control and keep the system clean. These inhibitors provide resistance to thermal degradation over long periods of time in the presence of entrained air and catalysing metals. GII Turbine Oil exhibit good demulsibility, permitting water and other contaminants to readily separate from oil in the system reservoir.

Transformer Oil83
An un-inhibited-refined naphthenic oil specifically manufactured for use in electric transformers and switchgears as an insulating and heat transfer medium.

General Purpose Oil 32, 68, 100, 150
A high quality solvent refined paraffinic oil containing no additives and possess inherent oxidation stability.

Compressor Oil 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
Developed to meet the latest changes in air compressor designs, resulting in increased capacity and efficiency, the Compressor Oil has is formulated from a high-grade base stock with a narrow distillation range. It contains specially selected additives, which enhance lubrication, anti-wear properties and protect compressor parts against oxidation and rust. It is designed to lubricate both cylinders and crankcases. It minimizes carbon and sludge deposits, thereby extending time between service intervals for cleaning valves, ports and intercoolers.

Heat Transfer Fluid GP II
A high quality heat transfer fluid with Group II base oils. It has relatively low viscosity so it has good viscosity versus temperature characteristic.

Soluble Cutting Oil
Formulated from high quality base oils and combination of passive and extreme pressure additive package especially developed for cutting oils used in severe operations, this cutting oil is extremely effective at providing rust and corrosion protection of parts, cutting tools, and the machine.

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