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Power plants may be coal fired, natural gas fired, oil fired, solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, or nuclear, depending on how heat is generated. There are many types of powerplants, including hydroelectric, nuclear, coal-fired, oil-fired, and natural gas-fired plants. A power plant generates electricity by using fuel to heat water and produce steam both phosphorus and nitrogen.

Our clients of Power Plants:

  • Mansoura Power Plant (Aden, Yemen – the main government station in Aden)
  • Lahj Power Station (Aden, Yemen – governmental station)
  • May 22 Stadum Station (Aden, Yemen - governmental station)
  • Khor Maksar Station (Aden, Yemen - governmental station)
  • Al-Rayyan Station (Hadramout, Yemen – governmental station)

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